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Angel: The afterlife

It's not over...

Angel: The Afterlife
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There has always been a balance between good and evil. As long as there have been heroes, there have been villains. The final battle that Angel created upset the balance between good and evil. Gunn, Illyria, Spike, and even Angel died fighting the good fight. Wolfram and Hart also lost many of their best creations. The Senior Partners and the Powers That Be stepped in and brought back their victims to recreate the stability that was had when the sides were in constant conflict. Wolfram and Hart has been created again, and is now run by Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan, who were brought back from Hell to re-establish the firm.


This community is rated R. If you wish to be more explicit than that, please LJ-cut and tell people, in case they are at work, or just plain don't wish to read it.

You are expected to post once every ten days, and respond in comments as often as you’d like. If you will not be able to make a post when it is due, please inform one of the mods or make a post in the OOC. You can also play in aim, but please summarize any major developments in your posts. Players may be replaced if they have not posted in a long period of time; we need to keep it moving.

In-character posts go in the RP community; out of character posts belong in the OOC. While you are in RP, stay in character!

Don’t kill/injure or make use of another character without the player’s permission.

Original characters will be allowed upon approval, and only if they fit a storyline.

Please post in first person.

If you would like to bring in a character from Sunnydale in a logical way, please approve the character and the storyline first. We'd like to see Angel roles filled before we add in the rest of the Buffyverse.

Please try to be as grammatically correct as possible in your posts.

If you do something of import to the plot 10-20 answers or more down a post, please make a new post so other memebers know what is happening, and may join in as needed.

Remember, it is just a game and is meant for fun, treat your fellow role players with respect. The golden rule applies.

If problems can not be solved among the players, the mods will make final descisions.

Clear all major plots in the OOC with the rest of the players.


Angel Investigations

Angel: ttheangeluss
Cordelia Chase: xxcordeliaxx
Fred Burkle: _fredless
Charles Gunn: Dead!
Wesley Wyndam Pryce: dark_wesley
Lorne: hitthathighnote


Illyria: not_the_shell
Faith: fivebyfiverogue
Spike: big_pile_o_dust
Harmony Kendall: dis_harmony

Wolfram & Hart

Lilah Morgan: not_a_lie
Lindsey McDonald: blue_eyed_ceo
Sierra McQueen: immortal_woman
Marcus Hamilton: evil_suit_n_tie
Knox: qwahazahn

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